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Sherry's Academy of Dance offers complete dance and gymnastics curriculums ranging in courses for toddlers to advanced/professional dancers and gymnasts. We are committed to setting the standard of excellence in performing arts education. Our dance and gymnastics faculty is trained to provide patience and understanding to each student. 

All recreational dance classes will take part in two performances: a winter holiday show and a summer recital. These performances are meant to showcase the progress


TAP- The classes emphasized technique, speed, and clarity of sounds, rhythm and training in basic combinations and routines. Tap is an exciting form of dance that will sharpen listening, develop performance skills, and unleash creativity.

BALLET- A complete graded system offering classical ballet technique in the Cecchetti and Russian methods, along with non-syllabus ballet classes. All elements of proper barre, center, adagio and allegro are given in each class. 

JAZZ-  All classes offer jazz dance technique, including jazz stretches, jazz barre, isolations, center work, turns, jumps, combinations and routines.

Hip-Hop- This style of dance is most referred to as funk/street dance. Hip-Hop is actually a combination of Jazz and Street moves. Evolving from break dancing and pop&lock styles, it has become one of the most popular forms of dance in the world today.

POINTE- Special classes are devoted to the technique of sur les pointes. Students must be enrolled in one (1) ballet class along with their Pointe class. Pointe class may only be taken by the recommendation of the instructor.

Gymnastics- We offer classes for preschool, parent/tot, tumbling, cheerleading, boys and girls general gymnastics and competitive teams. We are committed to providing our athletes with the safest, most effective training equipment available. Each class is designed to teach the necessary strength and flexibility training to complete floor, balance beam, and bar routines.

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