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  • All hair should be pulled back into a bun.  If your dancer does not have enough hair to make a bun pull it back so it is out of their face.



  • As we all already know, no child needs makeup to look beautiful. Wearing makeup on stage is NOT about trying to improve your looks. It is about being seen under bright lights from a far distance. Stage lights are extremely bright and may wash out facial features.

  • Eyeshadow:  Browns

  • Blush: Pinks

  • Mascara: Black

  • Lipstick: Reds

  • It is always up to the parents discretion to apply or not apply make-up


The week of the Recital: 

  • Pack the dance bag. A garment bag is very helpful for the costume and accessories. Be sure to double check you have the recital shoes, a pair of tights, and all costume pieces as well as the required make up.


  • Label with your dancers name all costume, costume pieces, tights and shoes. 


  • Make sure all costumes are hemmed and fitted properly.  If there are any sewing to be done, please have done before dress rehearsal.


  • Talk about the recital and the plan for the day. It sounds simple enough but children will be better about following the plan if they know what it is ahead of time. 


  • Take off any old fingernail polish, old friendship bracelets, any type of jewelry.


  • Please eat healthy the day before and make sure to get everyone to bed early.


The Day of the Recital: 

  •  Remember today is supposed to be fun! Your dancer will be excited and wound up so you will need to plan ahead. 

  • TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST! That sounds a bit counter intuitive but if you are stressed no one will be having fun. Get yourself completely dressed and remember to eat. When you are focused and calm, the dance bag is in the car, and all the costume and pieces are laid out then get your dancer ready. 

  • Remember to feed your child something that will hold them for several hours. Please no junk food, we don't need a backstage sugar crash or a starving child. 

  • Hair always takes longer than you think unless you have a hair piece. Take your time, play some calming music and enjoy getting ready.

  • The order that usually works best is: eat, costume, hair then makeup. If you run short on time there will be time for applying makeup at the recital location. It is more important to be there checked in with the volunteer and ready for practice than it is to have lipstick on. 

  • When you are planning your schedule, leave time for contingencies such as gas, parking, traffic, wrong turns or "Oops I forgot the shoes...”


 At the Recital: 


  • When you get to the school and find where your child needs to be help her with the following things: check in with the volunteer coordinator, help set up her space using her blanket, take a bathroom break, label any costume changes or recital shirts, take a few photos, touch up any make up then leave.  

**Make sure to arrive fully ready ½ to 45 minutes prior to the start of schedule show time.


  •  It is too hard to get the dancers to focus if moms keep coming in and out of the back room, and even more so if other relatives are coming and going too. NO boys or men past the designated areas.  We will have a designated dressing room for boys performing and dads that would like to stay with them. 


**Please save the socializing until after the recital. The same is true at intermission.   


  • If you have a nervous or crying preschooler please do the same set up but don't delay the leaving. If you continue to go in and out of the room the tears and separation tension will be twice as hard. The backstage volunteers can handle it. 


  • Please refrain from getting up during performances.  All shows are being recorded and it is not fun buying a video to watch heads popping up.  Remember how you would feel if someone stood up in front of you while your child was performing.


  • Go relax and enjoy the show!



**The S.A.D. Parent Booster Club will have a concessions table with baked good items, SAD Car Decals, American Girl Raffle, and Michigan shaped outdoor table and chairs.**

**Sherry’s will have dance recital flower bouquets.**


**If you have any questions at all, please contact one of desk staff members who will be wearing a name tag**


** Don’t forget to take your dancer’s bio off the wall.**


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